Me? A fairly typical Jewish life.

Family roots in Poland. Parents emigrated post-WW2.
I was born in Australia, got good marks at school.

Joined a Zionist youth movement and discovered what I wanted to do for the rest of my life
– live on a kibbutz and work in agriculture.

Went to live in Israel on a kibbutz, served in the army.
But then discovered kibbutz wasn’t for me, had no idea what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

Went to live in Jerusalem and saw a therapist.
Discovered that while I loved Israel, I loved being in Australia more and that I wanted to become a cartoonist.

And so it has been ever since.
I’ve been drawing cartoons for Jewish newspapers all around the world.
Now I get to put them on my very own website, The Cartoon Kronicles.

My cartoons are about everything Jewish – religion, politics, identity, arts, popular culture,
sport, science, sex, food…I mean, everything.

And I like to comment, shed light, satirize and make fun of everyone and every opinion.
Maybe you’ll get to discover that you like them.


  1. pam

    Do you allow reprints, like the use of your comics for a small college group?

  2. Barbara

    I saw your cartoon posted on Facebook by Zola Levitt. Are you affiliated with this organization?
    Just curious.

    • Hi Barbara, No, I definitely am not affiliated. I imagine they saw my cartoon on the Jerusalem Post Facebook page and shared it. All the Best, John

  3. Marie

    Hi, is that you who illustrated the article ‘Irish hypocrisy’ by Robert Horenstein in the Jerusalem Post (21 May 2013)?

    • Hi Marie, I’m sorry, the Jerusalem Post doesn’t inform when they publish my cartoons. However, if the cartoon had my signature on it KRON, then it was definitely mine. All the Best!

  4. I would love to carry your work regularly on my blog Five Minutes for Israel. Any chance of an interview? Would being an ex Aussie help?

    Please contact me through the blog contact (prefer that my email not be published in this forum — sorry)
    BTW Used one of your cartoons on the last 5MFI.com post ‘Labor Lost, Love’ http://5mfi.com/labor-lost-love/. Would have asked permission but there is no way to directly contact you.

    • Hi There, thanks for asking. If a cartoon is up on facebook, you can share it as you please. I’m not up for an interview, however. All the best!

  5. Barbara Sheklin Davis

    I have written a book entitled “100 Jewish Things to Do Before You Die” that will be published by Pelican in fall 2016 and would like to include your cartoon on Jewish exercise in a section called “Use Yiddish Expressions.” May I have permission to do this? How should it be attributed? Is there a charge? Thank you for your kind consideration.

    • Hi Barbara,
      Sorry about my delayed reply. Thanks for contacting me about my cartoon. I’m open to you using my cartoon. But first, can you send me some information about the style and content, so I can feel comfortable about my cartoon being included in your book? In terms of attribution, I’d want: Cartoon by John Kron, The Cartoon Kronicles In terms of a charge, I’d like to be paid for it’s usage (I’m a poor cartoonist!) – what can you afford to pay?

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