Thanks so very much for all your best wishes!

Once again (for those asking); Why is this my last cartoon?

The answer: Because I can’t afford to keep drawing my cartoons for free.

I’ve been drawing for free for three years now. I’ve tried to find ways to be paid for them.

But the internet is a tough place to be paid for being creative.

So I’ve loved and appreciated all your support – but until I find a solution, I have to stop.

Shalom to you all !




    I understand but just wanted you to know that you have a wonderful talent and I looked forward to see your work daily and shared with my friends. Wish I had the funds to subsidize you. If you are ever able to get a group together to do this count me in for a donation monthly. In the meantime thank you again for all the smiles even those with tears that you brought to my eye. Best wishes for your future Sonya White _swgecko@aol.com_ (

    • Thanks so much Sonya, such lovely feedback is truly appreciated. May I also be forward in asking: If I was to start again, based on a monthly donation – what kind of amount would you be willing to spend for my cartoons? If you’re not comfortable saying, feel free to ignore my question.

    • No, thanks for suggesting it, but unfortunately I personally don’t have the capacity to pursue this type of monetization. If it had a guaranteed result, that would be different! All the best

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