Facebook-Portrait-Image---webHey there! Have you noticed that I’ve launched my first big line of products in my Shop? Now that they’re up, I want to give you a quick insight into the process of turning a Cartoon Kronicles cartoon -> into a product.

The straightforward products simply involve uploading a cartoon. But with other products I get to create something new, based on the original cartoon.

A cartoon is usually a situation, visual snapshot or conversation in a particular context. To create something new, I distil and reduce the words and images contained in the cartoon, into a more concentrated form. Kind of like a concentrated fruit juice…sweeeet.

Check out the cartoons in The Miracle of Doughnuts Channukah and Happy Holidays reindeer cartoons, then compare them with the clothing and homeware products with the same titles, you’ll see what I mean. http://www.zazzle.com/cartoonkronicles

It’s a fun process. I’m looking forward to doing more soon. In the meanwhile, for everyone who has been liking and supporting the Cartoon Kronicles, a great big, warm and fuzzy THANKS!

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